Welcome to your replay session! Here are all of the 17 conversations from our audio summit.

Tara Wagner

Tara Wagner is a lifelong entrepreneur and Breakthrough Coach, helping small business owners use a holistic approach to business, so they can create profits they can depend on WITHOUT burning themselves out.

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Tim Packer

Tim Packer is a very successful Canadian Painter known for his colourful, light filled landscapes.
After a 20 year career and over two and a half million dollars in earnings from his art he is now focused on sharing his knowledge with aspiring artists through his online art academy and YouTube channel.

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M.K. Williams

M.K. Williams is an author and independent publisher. She has written and published numerous books under her own name and helped several authors realize their dreams of publishing their books as well. After having learned the ins-and-outs of self-publishing and independent publishing she is now on a mission to help aspiring authors get the answers they need, avoid money-traps, and navigate the process of self-publishing their first book.
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Red Hot Annie

Red Hot Annie is an award-winning burlesque headliner, educator, and author. With over 25 years of experience, they have performed in thousands of shows all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. Founder of the Becoming Burlesque Masterclass, in 2021 they published two books, Pop a Pasty! and The Real Life Burlesque Workbook, both resources focus on cultivating self love through building more presence and connection, onstage and off.

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Rachel Josefina

Rachel Josefina is a triple threat living in New York City who is also a Mindset and Manifestation Mentor for Performing Artists. She helps performers drop the hustle mentality by discovering their worthiness from within rather than in the industry.

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Artizyou – Sam Drissi is the Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder with +14 years of experience in web development and creation of two marketing agencies. Visionary and passionate about technology, Sam is a creative who took an early interest in the protection and enhancement of intellectual property. He is the co-founder and conductor of the project.

Artizyou – Marc Samoisette, V.P. Business Development, North American Market. Marc is in charge of Artizyou’s sales strategy. He has over 35 years of experience in sales and has coached 100’s over the years, including experts who constantly create IP. As a creator himself, he understands the issues surrounding Intellectual Property and the need to keep it safe.

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Adeline Halvorson

Adeline Halvorson has been a professional artist for 41 years. Her paintings have been shown in numerous galleries across Canada and the US and are part of private and corporate collections in Canada, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Africa and Australia.  She has participated in several juried shows, including the Calgary Stampede, where she was awarded Best of Show in 1995, and Best Display of Flatwork in 2009 and 2012, and was also chosen to do the Stampede Poster 2014.  Adeline’s paintings have won many awards, including the prestigious Artists Magazine International Art Competition, with over 11,000 Entrants.  She was chosen North American Horsemen’s Association Equine Artist of Distinction in 2001. Adeline lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Julie Falen

Julie Falen is a Financial Life Coach whose passion is helping people, especially women, learn how to improve their money mindset, Make more money, Grow it and work with it to transform their financial life to create wealth and Financial Freedom.
Julie is the former host of the radio show “Julie Talks Money” on ABC and NBC Talk Radio, and has been a financial educator/coach and real estate investing coach for over 12 years. She also recently recorded a TEDx talk on Financial Resilience During Covid.

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Daxton Page

Daxton Page is an entrepreneur, investor, and musician. Dax helps musicians reach their full potential in both their art and their business through education.

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Fiona Flyte

Fiona Flyte helps performing artists leverage social media to create and scale successful online businesses using the Profitable Performer Process™. With two decades of professional experience as a singer and voice coach, Fiona is uniquely positioned to understand the challenges facing today’s performing artists. And from her personal experience has grown a passion for helping other performers to become profitable!

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Leah Guzman

Leah Guzman: I’m an artist and board certified art therapist. I support creatives with healing and ultimately manifesting their desires. I have supported thousands of creatives through my books and programs. Here is the visualization exercise for you. Check out my book Essential Art Therapy Exercises.

Victoria Sexton

Victoria Sexton is a financial coach, bestselling author, the founder of Align Wealth Coaching, creator of the Effortless Money System and host of The Don’t Play With Trash podcast. After spending years of working in finance and still not feeling confident about her money, she discovered her own secret sauce, combing a money mindset with a straightforward personal finance system. Now she teaches that same system to her clients.

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Matty Dalrymple

Matty Dalrymple podcasts, writes, and speaks on the writing craft and the publishing voyage as The Indy Author. Matty is also a fiction author, and  lives with her husband and three dogs in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

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Tara Priolo

Biracial soprano Tara Priolo has cultivated a career including performing, teaching, brand coaching, activism, and arts administration. As an educator she shares her propensity for enlivening student’s confidence paired with her strong interest in vocal pedagogy. Frequently requested as a guest soloist by smaller organizations and colleagues, Tara enjoys performing a variety of new compositions as well as the classics. Based in Minneapolis, MN Tara engages audiences, students, and clients with dynamic, thought-provoking, and unique performances, lessons, and coaching sessions.

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Ellen Broen

Ellen Broen is a certified life and entrepreneurship coach for powerhouse creatives and leaders who are ready to challenge their limits, cultivate a legacy, and create joy through their life’s purpose. Ellen is also a professional singer with a masters in vocal performance, and recently left the opera world to explore a variety of genres and styles.

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JAŠA (Jaša Mrevlje-Pollak)

JAŠA is one of the most prolific and influential contemporary European visual artists of his generation. He trained at the Academy in Venice (Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia), where he graduated in 2004 with distinction and where he continues to teach. He has been featured in numerous publications, including Modern Painters, The Art Newspaper and Art in America.
Based in Ljubljana and Berlin, his work has been exhibited around the world, including at Frieze London and New York and at the Venice Biennale. He is the author of the freshly released book MAKING IT the artist survival guide with Noah Charney (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers). Head over to www.jasha.org for a taste of his work. 

*foto of the artist by Primož Korošec

Sharlene Anders

Creativity coach Sharlene Anders, your host for this audio summit, is on a mission to help artists finally crush blocks, create healthy finances & feel accomplished.

Her approach to unlocking an artist’s potential is a combination of empathy, hands-on philosophy and the teachings of Julia Cameron (“The Artist’s Way”) and Eric Maisel (“Fearless Creating”). For a taste of her unique visit her YouTube channel.

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