V.I.P. Upgrade for The Power of Solitude




V.I.P. Bonus #1:
Audio files to the interviews, so that you can listen to them whenever, wherever and as many times as you want – lifetime access and it includes every future interview in this series.

V.I.P. Bonus #2:

You get instant access to the 14 interviews from “The Power of Solitude” the mother event of this series, as audio files. That’s over eight hours of high quality content that has the power to completely change how you perceive loneliness.

V.I.P. Bonus #3:

We have a workbook in the making, that’ll come out ca. October 21, and you’ll get a free ecopy of that.

V.I.P. Bonus #4:

And finally, I’m gonna gift you one month in my brand new “The accountable artists’ community” program which is normally priced 97€ For more information on that program follow the link on this side.